Steps Made Simple

Step 1.

Find a Trusted Realtor and Lender


Your Realtor is your trusted guide through this whole process. They work on YOUR behalf and most will not cost a dime until you are happy in your new home. 

Your Lender will work for you on the finance side. Together, your realtor and lender will do everything in their power to make the process as simple and easy as possible.

Step 4.

Schedule Inspections and Negotiate Repairs

Once your offer is accepted by the seller, you have a right to schedule any inspections you would like. Upon getting the results of the inspection, you have a right to renegotiate any repairs you want the seller to make.

Step 5.

Finalize Documents and Schedule Utilities

Once repairs have been completed, if any, you will have documents to sign. Your Realtor, Lender, and Attorney will have several documents for you to sign.

You will also need to schedule utilities to be turned on and switched over on the closing date.

Step 6.

Closing Day

Here you will sit down with the attorney, sign final documents, and leave with the keys to your brand new home!

Total Money Needed

  • $500 Good Faith Check after offer is accepted (can be used as down payment)

  • HVAC Inspection (around $100)

  • General Home Inspection ($270-$350)

  • Termite Inspection (Around $85)

  • Utility Transfer Cost

  • Down Payment/Closing Cost (If any)

Step 2. 

Obtain a Pre-Approval and Define Your Search


Your lender will ask a few questions to determine what you can get approved for. This, combined with your personal search criteria, will allow your realtor to find the best matches for homes for you.

Step 3.

Look For Homes and Place an Offer


Your Realtor will send you the best homes that match your criteria and share their knowledge of the area. Once you find a house you like, your realtor will walk you through the process of placing an offer. 

After placing an offer, the seller will have a chance to counteroffer, accept, or reject your offer.