Attention Columbia, SC

Covid-19 has impacted the SC market on a large scale.


With joy we are finally able to announce down payment assistance and many other programs are back online!

If you are tired of renting and have even thought about  buying a home, now is the best time. Rates are under 3% (the lowest we have seen in over 50 years). What does that mean? It means buying the same priced home now, compared to buying it before covid or after the rates go back up, will be hundreds of dollars less PER MONTH. 

-Zero $0 Down

-Less than $700/month

-No payments for 1 month

-Build the home to YOUR specifications

We have personally contacted all of our immediate friends and family to take advantage of these times and would love to help you.

Simply fill out the form below, and we will see what we can do for you. Best part is that it is FREE

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